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Glasgow Residents Encouraged to pro-cycle Same Sex Marriage Leaflets

The Humanist Society Scotland (HSS) is offering to ‘pro-cycle’ (protest and recycle) anti-same sex marriage leaflets, which are being posted to 300,000 homes in Glasgow.

Scotland for Marriage, a group in opposition to legalising gay marriage, plans to deliver leaflets to homes in Glasgow ahead of this week's council elections. They will also be taking to the streets in mobile advertising vans.

HSS is asking Glasgow residents to decorate the leaflet with their own positive messages of support for same-sex marriage before sending them to HSS, where they will be counted, collected and “pro-cycled” into a display backing same-sex marriage.

HSS is supporting the Equality Network’s work to change the legislation to allow same sex couples to marry. The group wants the right to conduct same sex marriages to be granted to all relevant bodies, with the decision left to individuals within these bodies the choice to conduct same sex marriages, or not, according to their own beliefs.

The consultation on same sex marriage was the biggest in Scottish parliamentary history. The 2010 Scottish Social Attitudes Survey found 61% of the public support same-sex marriage. A survey by the Richard Dawkins Foundation of Christians across the UK, found six out of ten respondents (61%) agree that homosexuals should have the same legal rights in all aspects of their lives as heterosexuals,

Jane Bechtel, a Humanist Society Scotland Same Sex Marriage Campaigner, said “It’s strange that same sex marriage is being used as a local message when the legislation lies with Holyrood. There is widespread support for the campaign across the political spectrum and we would like ordinary people, of all faiths, to take part and make their feelings known.”

The address to send the leaflets to is:


Humanist Society Scotland

272 Bath Street


G2 4JR

Please share the message with your friends and colleagues in Glasgow.

Comments: 1

John Mccolgan on 1 May 2012 at 12:20

Sadly I binned my leaflet before this email. It's terribly sad that churches should be trying to marginalise people in a modern society. This is behaviour akin to the dark ages. Shame on them and they wonder why their attendances continue to tumble. With archaic attitudes like this young people especially just laugh at them

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