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Glasgow Herald Looks At Religious Education

On Monday 16 April 2012, the Glasgow Herald ran a story looking at the legal right of parents to withdraw their children from religious education and religious observance in state schools.

In the article, Clare Marsh, education officer for the Humanist Society Scotland, said: "We have heard from many parents who are not aware of their rights in this respect and those who are generally dis-appointed by the quality of alternative activity offered.

"We should be educating our children in the full spectrum of religious, philosophical and moral views and encouraging independence of thought by allowing them to make up their own minds. Currently, they are too often being indoctrinated with a particular belief system which doesn't represent modern Scotland."

Scottish children are being indoctrinated


The full article, by Andrew Denholm, can be read on the Herald Website (free but registration is required)

The article was written in the build to a conference organised by Hannah Mackay, looking at how teachers, pupils and parents can get the balance right for young people of all faiths and none. 'Affording parity of esteem: Redressing the balance in moral, philosophical and religious education' takes place on the 2nd May in Edinburgh.

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