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Welcome to the Humanist Society Scotland – the national organisation for humanists in Scotland. We aim to promote a secular Scotland through our work in policy, in education and our range of ceremonies.

About Humanism

Humanist Society Scotland (HSS) is part of a UK, European and wider international movement of people and organisations.

Humanists include atheists and agnostics who make sense of the world using reason, experience and shared human values. We take responsibility for our actions and base our ethics on the goals of human welfare, happiness and fulfilment. We seek to make the best of the one life we have by creating meaning and purpose for ourselves, individually and together.

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Most of us want to celebrate important events in our lives, such as new lives, committed relationships, and, very importantly, lives which have ended.

For those of us with no religious belief it is important that we can mark these occasions with personal ceremonies which celebrate the events.

HSS provides trained and registered celebrants who work to set standards and a code of conduct and can help you create the ceremony which is right for you and your family.

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Policy work

We aim to reflect the views of the millions of Scots who value secularism in public life – and who go on to agree with our Vision of a fair, progressive and open Scotland.

We seek to influence public policy - not just in Scotland, but in the UK and internationally. We know that we are just one voice among many. We recognise that we have a right to be heard, but not a right to win the debate; and we ask that those who do not share our values recognise the same.

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Support for teachers, students and parents in order to develop critical thinking skills in our young people. There are:

  • teaching materials suitable for all stages and individual study for senior pupils
  • DVDs and class sets of books to be chosen from our reviews
  • advice to parents and senior pupils who wish to opt out of RO and RE

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What's on

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